Pick and Pack Fulfillment

We Pick and Pack for You!

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What is pick and pack fulfillment, and why should you care?

Pick and pack fulfillment is the process of picking the order off the shelf, then wrapping it up and getting it ready to be shipped.

Here’s how it works at Brand Elevate: An order comes in through your online store or funnel. We automatically transfer that item off the shelf, package it and ship it out.

All of our software is automated and will email your client directly letting them know when their package has been shipped, and includes a tracking number.

We can pick and pack a single product or multiple products, packaged in a generic box or if you prefer; a custom designed box. Custom boxes ensure you stand out to your clients. They are made from coated, high quality cardboard and feature your brand and/or logo.

Amazon does a great job getting products to us quickly, but it sure is boring! Zero WOW factor. Set your brand apart by elevating your packaging. Show your prospects and clients that you not only care about the product they ordered, but the feeling it creates when they get it.

Have you ever watched an unboxing on Facebook or Instagram? We all sit and wonder what fun, exciting things will emerge from that beautiful custom box. Now imagine your client having that same experience with your product that we custom designed and packaged for their enjoyment.

Let us help you with your next pick and pack fulfillment.