We Make Book Cover Design Simple

Custom Book Cover Design Placentia

You’ve poured your time, energy and passion into your book and now it’s time to have your cover reflect the hard work that was poured into the words and stories in your book.

Your cover is the first thing people will see when searching for your book and you want it to stand out from the crowd. We are here to help.

With over 35 years of trained experience in cover design you can rest assured that Brand Elevate will create the perfect custom cover so your book will convey your unique message while grabbing your audience’s attention.

How do we do it?

We start with your message. What is your book about? We condense this into a brief description for our graphic designers, and they get to work. They design the front and back cover, along with the spine. These files can also be used for digital copies.

After they’ve completed their designs, we ask you for feedback. Finally, we use your feedback to create the best possible book cover for you.

Sound simple?

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It’s a competitive world out there. Stand out with high-quality marketing materials that reflect your company’s values. We work with you to create a plan that is effective and responsive to your message and core values. We are always finding new ways to create WOW! Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn to see what we’re coming up with.