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Our quality book printing will make a lasting impression on your clients and prospects. Brand Elevate delivers quality perfect bound (soft cover), hard cover, wire bound or coil bound books. We give you the options that will allow your book to stand out. From a hard cover book to using spot foil or raised UV on your cover.

That’s Not All

We can also automate the fulfillment process of your books by directly integrating our fulfillment software with your sales funnel or cart allowing you to focus on your business while we handle getting your clients and prospects your books.


Perfect bound books, also called soft cover books is a widely used soft cover book binding method. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible thermal glue. The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges.
This is comes in sizes from 4×6 to 8.5×11. This is a great option for your book and is cost effective at short and long runs. It is easy to read, but difficult to write in because of the pages not laying
completely flat. This is not a great option for journals, see hard cover or coil bound books for journals.

Hard cover books, also called case bound books is a high end option that really makes your book stand out. You can have a dust jacket added to the book for a beautiful cover. Hard cover books are the standard for premium books, but the cost is quite a bit higher at the smaller quantities and the lead times are quite a bit longer than perfect bound books.

Coil bound books, also called wire bound or spiral bound books are a great option for journals or workbooks. They lay completely flat allowing for them to be written in very easily. The cover is not glued on which allows us a lot of possibilities with the cover. We often times will do a double-thick cover giving the coil bound book a very high end feel.


Perfect for fast, short-run books under 1000. The quality is excellent, the only difference is the setup time and costs are lower allowing quick turnaround times. We can complete your entire book in less than 24 hours if needed.


erfect for longer runs over 1000 books. The quality is very similar to digital but the production times take a bit longer.

We like to have a call with every client understanding your unique needs and how we can make sure we meet those in a timely, cost-effective manner. Sometimes it involves running 500 books on our digital press to get some in stock within 48 hours and then a larger batch of 10,000 are run on the offset press maximizing your budget.


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