Create a WOW experience for your audience before your event begins With WOW Boxes

Just watch the online buzz build around your event when these boxes start showing up

Wowbox Placentia

Most virtual events don’t create a WOW experience before the event begins

At Brand Elevate, we create WOW boxes that are sure to create a WOW experience for your audience before the event even begins.

Your audience will be excited and felt valuable allowing you to continue the experience throughout your event.

How much trust and respect are you losing from your audience by not sending them a physical product or even worse by sending them cheap, unthoughtful physical products? What is worse than getting a cheap little notebook in a brown, ugly envelope?  Maybe sending them nothing at all.

Wow Box International Shipping
  • Cost effective solutions for your WOW boxes
  • Lowest shipping rates with our highly discounted negotiated rates from 3 major carriers
  • Custom consultation around your WOW box and budget
  • 1,000’s of options without the overwhelm
  • Free packaging options up to highly customized packaging
  • A team that cares more about your box than everybody else but you.
  • Domestic and international shipping (including expedited delivery)
  • A creative team that will see your vision and put it into a wow box
Items in the Box need to pass this test
  • Will they be used often
  • Will they be seen frequently
  • Do they bring you joy?
  • Do they represent your unique brand or client
  • Are they high quality?
  • Do they create WOW?
  • Do they foster a personal touch and feel?
Your clients should feel
  • You care about them
  • You are thoughtful
  • You are intentional in the way you engage with them
  • You offer a high quality service or product, just like the WOW box
  • A higher perceived value of you and your brand
  •  A Personal touch from you


We have shipped over 100,000 WOW boxes for clients in almost every type of industry.

Good pricing, good quality, good service.

Dan Henry, CEO of Get Clients

I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his team at Brand Elevate. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Rob Llewellyn, CEO of CXO Transform

Superior to any other printer that I’ve worked with.

Melissa Drake, founder of Uncorped Influence

We know what it feels like to look through promotional item catalogs online and have no clue what products are high end, which ones will work best for you. No idea how to package them so they arrive looking as good as when the shipped and saving money along the way. Our team has been taking the confusion out of putting together high quality WOW boxes for over a decade and we can help make the process simple for you.

The Plan

Tell us about your virtual event, audience and budget (the better we understand you and your brand the easier it will be for us to get you the perfect WOW box.

Let us put together some options and samples for your WOW box (once you love them we will produce and ship them).

WOW your audience (watch your audience create unboxing videos and showing off your thoughtful gifts).

At Brand Elevate we know you are the kind of person who wants to create an amazing experience for your virtual event.

You value your clients and audience. You want them to felt heard and known. You want to create a virtual experience for them at your event, not just another webinar or Zoom meeting. Zoom fatigue is a real thing 🙂

In order to create a WOW virtual experience you need to send them a thoughtful, high end WOW box that will start their experience off on the right foot. We believe it is just plain wrong to send cheap swag that was just an afterthought to the event or even worse nothing at all.

We understand it can be overwhelming to figure out how to find the right items for the box, figuring out how to package it well and then how to get it to your client looking great and at a great price. That is why we take all the guess work out of your WOW box for you and become your partner in creating the perfect WOW box for you and your audience from concept to final delivery. We accomplish this in 3 easy steps.

First we jump on a call and you tell us about your virtual event, your audience and your budget. Second we put together some options and samples for your WOW box allowing you to picture and feel what your audience will feel when they receive their box. Third we produce your WOW boxes and send them to your audience. It is that simple.

Click the Link below and let’s jump on a call or you can also fill out our quote request form, so you can stop trying to figure out how to create a WOW experience before your virtual event even begins and start watching those unboxing videos online of your thoughtful WOW box.

Let’s elevate your brand and your clients experience today with WOW boxes.